"Please St. Peregrine, ask God to touch them with His healing hand and refresh them in body and spirit".

Pray to the Patron of those who suffer from cancer...

Born in Italy in 1260, Saint Peregrine spent his life with the sick and dying. Later he developed cancer in his leg. When doctors wanted to amputate his leg, St. Peregrine decided to pray for an answer after having a vision in which Jesus touched and the cancer disappeared. Because of this and his many intercessions on behalf of those with cancer, St. Peregrine is known as the patron saint of cancer victims. Pray with St. Peregrine for healing and strength.

If someone you know could use some hope and an prayerful pick-me-up, consider the St. Peregrine pack. It comes with a lovely statue of St. Peregrined and other wonderful gifts as well.

Lovely 4" statue of
St. Peregrine.
High quality resin sculpture
with hand-painted detail
provides a visual reminder
of the saintís powerful
ability to intercede on
your behalf.

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