St. Joseph Home Sales Kit ...

As the Patron of the Family and of the Catholic Church Universal, St. Joseph has long been invoked when it comes time to sell your home. The Saint Joseph Kit has proven to be a powerful means of intercession from St. Joseph. We know as Catholics it is prayer and petition by which God grants the grace of selling your home, but this Kit honors St. Joseph for his intercession.

St. Joseph was the Foster Father of Jesus and the Husband and Guadian of Mary and knows the toil of living and providing for family.

Follow the simple instructions that comes with our St. Joseph Kit so that your prayers are true and sincere, and that you dont regard our St. Joseph Kit, or any kit in any superstitious manner.

Pray and believe St. Joseph wants to assist you in your family life and sale of your home.
The Placement of your St. Joseph stature on your property is a sign of your trust in his intercession.
Dont forget that prayer consists of thanksgiving and gratitude before, during,and after the sale of your home.
Tell others of the assitance that you receive from St. Jospeh's intercession.

Lovely 4" statue of
St. Joseph
High quality resin sculpture
with hand-painted detail
provides a visual reminder
of the saintís powerful
ability to intercede on
your behalf.

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