Know someone having a difficult time handling or doing something that appears almost impossible? Our "As St. Rita" Kit can help ...

Ask Saint Rita, the Saint of the Impossible. And get the help you need, just for the asking through the intercessory prayers that come with this kit.

For centuries, St. Rita of Cascia has been one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church. She is known as the "Saint of the Impossible" because of her answers to prayer as well as the remarkable events of her own life.

Our "Ask Saint Rita" package contain a lovely 4' hand-decorated statue for the bedside table or dresser, a St. Rita 3rd class relic medal, a "For a special friend" of St. Rita greeting card, and additional prayer cards.

This kit also includes the book, "St. Rita of Cascia, Saint of the Impossible (Wife, Mother, Widow, Nun) by Fr. Joseph Sicardo, 182 page paperback. Full of inspirational stories about the Saint and her trials and tribulations , the reader will see how even seemingly hopeless situations can be addressed through prayer and faith. MIracles do happen!

Lovely 4" statue of St. Rita.
High quality resin sculpture
with hand-painted detail
provides a visual reminder
of the saintís powerful
ability to intercede on
your behalf.

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